This is day two of the Westminster Dog Show and we'll find out tonight who wins Best in Show.  While we hope our Treasure Valley pets pick up some pointers on etiquette and behavior, there are a few fun facts we can learn from this popular pup parade too.

The prestigious Westminster Dog Show has been running since 1877, and it's the Super Bowl of dog shows. Quite a few of the dogs in the competition are more agile and have better manners than most people, right?  And many of the pups look a whole lot like their handlers.  It's fascinating.

I got curious and hungry for more facts about this crazy competition so I decided to do a little digging.  Some of the things I discovered are just as entertaining as the show itself.

Why is it usually a male dog that wins?  Well for starters, there are more boy dogs in the competition than girl dogs. says the prime age for competition is 3 to 5 years old, which is also a good breeding age too.  A lot of times the female dogs are held out of the competition to have babies, while the male dogs get to keep struttin' their stuff in doggie the pageants.  And sometimes handlers don't want to show female dogs in heat, because they tend to get moody and their coats can thin out which puts them at a disadvantage.  Because of all this, male dogs have won Best in Show twice as many times as female dogs over the course of the competition.  Guys have it so easy.

Other fun facts about the Westminster Dog Show:

Other than the Kentucky Derby, the Westminster Dog Show is the oldest sporting event in the US.

Almost 4000 dogs are competing this year.  About 1700 of the dogs are male and 1220 are female.

A male Best in Show winner will go on to breed a lot and might even have his sperm frozen.  That's a big payday for the owner.

The name "Westminster" comes from a hotel in Manhattan where a group of sporting gents hung out in the 1870s to swap stories. They went on to form the Westminster Kennel Club and the dog show was launched from there.

And regular Treasure Valley dogs like yours and mine will become infinitely smarter and more well-behaved if they watch, right?  I will have the TV on for my two pups hoping that all of the sitting, staying, and strutting rubs off.

The competition wraps up today at Madison Square Garden and it's broadcast primarily on Fox Sports 1.  The Best in Show competition is happening tonight from 6:30 to 10 pm.  It's the perfect opportunity to hit the couch and share some popcorn with your pup, and have little bonding time.

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