Three Boise restaurants are among the best in the world for having the best wine selections, along with one restaurant in Eagle.  Congrats!

The August issue of Wine Spectator magazine is out this week, and several Treasure Valley restaurants are getting some love.

It's not a super-exclusive list because the magazine is honoring 3,759 dining destinations from all 50 states in the U.S. and more than 75 countries internationally, but it's still kinda cool that Boise restaurants get noticed.  New York, San Francisco, London, Italy, Boise... Yeah, we'll take it.

The wine industry is booming with new producers joining all the time, and with that comes an expansion of wine lists at restaurants.  But there's an art to putting the right wines on the menu to go with the food, the atmosphere, and the price point, and the restaurants that are winning awards have that down to a science.

Our local restaurants get noticed for having moderate prices that aren't through the roof, several choices for whites, reds, and blushes depending on your mood, and good regional selection including California, Washington, France, and Italy.

Wine Spectator’s 2018 Restaurant Awards include these Treasure Valley spots:

Bella Aguila - 775 South Rivershore Lane, Eagle

Capitol Cellars - 110 South 5th, Boise

Chandler's Steakhouse - 981 West Grove, Boise

Fork Restaurant - 199 North 8th, Boise

Congrats on making the worldwide list!

If you have other great restaurants to add to the list, just let us know on social media.  And we'll see you at one of these spots for a great pour.

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