It's somehow already August, and that means college football season is just around the corner!

There's a lot of change this year and a lot to be excited about not only with Boise State, but the Mountain West, in general. It's up for grabs this year, and anyone is capable of winning the title, with no clear front runner. That's welcoming news for the Broncos.

Mountain West Championship - Hawaii v Boise State
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This should be BSU's year. The schedule looks right and there's no dominant juggernaut to get passed in the Mountain West this year. Not that the competition will be easy, but I expect lots of parity.

Below, we'll go over our expectations for the Boise State Broncos, and every team in the Mountain West Conference for the 2022 football season. We'll also cover changes within the Broncos and an outlook at the entire conference.

Let's start with an overview of the teams in the conference that we'll be going up against this year, before we get into our expectations and predictions.

Here are the teams competing in the Mountain West Conference in 2022.

Air Force v UNLV
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Mountain West Conference Schools

Boise State is currently in the Mountain West conference. There are teams in close proximity and close states nearby. While the school may be considered to fill spots left vacant by USC and UCLA leaving in the Pac-12, here is who their current competition is within the conference. See for yourself what the best move would be.
Mountain West Football Championship - Boise State v San Jose State
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Which team scares you the most? For me, I'm looking at Fresno State and San Diego State.

Let's see what schedules look like across the Mountain West this season so we can see what to expect this year. Will it be Boise State's year? Will Fresno State step up to claim the title? San Diego State? Utah State has had some success recently, as has San Jose State. It's anyone's conference this year.

It's great to enter the year with it being anyone's conference. Especially compared to Conferences like the Big Ten where you know Ohio State is going to come out on top. In the Mountain West this year, that's not the case.

Let's check out the schedule and predictions for all teams in the Mountain West Conference for 2022!

Mountain West Championship - Hawaii v Boise State
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Pre-Season Predictions For The Mountain West 2022 Football Season

Predicting the 2022 regular season records for all the Mountain West Conference for the NCAA Football season.
New Mexico v Boise State
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Are you looking to make it to The Blue at Albertsons Stadium this year for a home game? You should definitely try to make it! The tailgating is phenomenal and you get to witness one of the most iconic stadiums in the country with your own two eyes.

Here is the schedule of Boise State's home games for the 2022 season.

  • September 17 - TN-Martin @ Boise State @ 2pm
  • September 30 - San Diego State @ Boise State @ 6pm
  • October 8 - Fresno State @ Boise State TBD
  • October 29 - Colorado State @ Boise State TBD
  • November 5 - BYU @ Boise State TBD
  • November 25 - Utah State @ Boise State @ 10am

I like this home schedule! Some of the biggest games of the season (Fresno State, San Diego State, and Utah State) will all be played on The Blue.

There are definitely some wins on the board at home this season. It's also great to have a home game Halloween Weekend. That's always one of the best weekends of the year on campus, so that could be a great game to attend.

Home Games aren't the only ones to be excited about, however! Even the Away games are often in close proximity to Boise, and make for fun weekend trips! It's always a fun experience to watch your team in a foreign environment, where you are the enemy in opposition's territory.

Here are some Away Games for the Broncos this season that are worth being excited about.

Mountain West Championship - Air Force v San Diego State
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10 Must See Away Games For Boise State Football

Ten Stadiums That Deserve Boise State Football

Of course, all of this could be changing in the next couple of years as some teams in the Pac-12 are leaving for the Big Ten and even more action is expected in the coming years.

Does this mean Boise State will move to the Pac-12? It's very possible. It's also a move I would definitely be behind, and think you should be too, if you're a Boise State fan.

Here's a look at the teams currently in the Pac-12, which should highlight why I think this move will be great for the school.

Pac-12 Conference Schools

Boise State could be heading to the Pac-12 Conference since USC and UCLA left. Personally, I think it would be a major upgrade for the program. It would bring us more national attention and that means more dollars. Plus, we want people seeing our iconic blue turf! Here are the schools in the conference.

Not only would the competition be better and bigger, we'd get more prime time attention in the Pac-12. I'd much rather face a team like Oregon than Utah State any day of the week! Even if they crush us, the national spotlight will be great for funding and exposure for the school and student-athletes.

Some of these moves will begin happening in 2024 as USC and UCLA head to the Big Ten. I expect big changes for the Mountain West in the coming months.

Hopefully, these big moves include Boise State.

Here's more on the busy offseason the Boise State Broncos have had.

Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images
Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

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