With a 4.8 star rating on Facebook, this is an Idaho business that we hope finds an owner that can keep it's legacy alive!

As I was scrolling through my news feed while watching Netflix tonight, a listing on Marketplace grabbed my eye. It was from Donna Marose, the co-owner and general manager of Homedale's "The Bowling Alley." It was filed under "home sales," but she was posting about the opportunity to buy the eight lane bowling center.

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Earlier this year, Only in Your State highlighted the small town bowling alley for its incredible menu. Usually when you go bowling, you're not expecting gourmet food to munch on between frames. You expecting this like wings, pizza and other pub food. The Bowling Alley defied those expectation with their full restaurant. While you can pick from pub foods like finger steaks, fries, mozzarella sticks and basic cheeseburgers, you can also choose a gourmet burger, top sirloin steak, fettuccini Alfredo and Mandarin chicken and more.

Over the last few months, costumers have raved about the friendly staff there for their special touches like creating special birthday pancakes for a little boy or making boxed lunches for the Homedale High School volleyball team to enjoy during a long bus ride to McCall. Now it's for sale for $599,000.

Listed with Syme Real Estate, it's called a business opportunity that includes not just the bowling alley but the front dining room that seats 40, a second dining room that seats 60, a newly installed soft serve counter and all the equipment/appliances that make the bowling alley tick. The current owners are even willing to consult for six months!

Want to take a look at what could be YOUR new bowling alley? Here's a sneak peak! 

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