Idaho has quite a reputation for its incredible mansions. If you like to ogle, dream and be inspired scroll to see the incredible Idaho mansions below. The first was for a time in 2020, the most expensive home on the market in the state. This one has so many extras and comes with a massive collection of expensive toys.

Even the Boats Have Homes in This Substantial and Stunning Idaho Lakeside Mansion

Idaho has quite a reputation for its incredible mansions. At a time in 2020 this was the most expensive home listed in Idaho. That title changes every few months as massive gem state homes go up for sale and get purchased. This massive beauty is on Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Modern Mediterranean Masterpiece Mansion in Eagle Idaho

Iconic Boise $4.9M 'Morrison' Mansion For Sale

See the impeccable detail and beauty put into this iconic Boise home created for philanthropist Velma Morrison, for whom The Morrison Center for the Preforming Arts is named after.

$4.5 Million Boise Mansion With Movie Theater You Have To See To Believe

$4.5 million is a lot of money...but it can get you a lot. You're certainly getting what you're paying for with this Boise Mansion. It has not only many bedrooms and baths, but a couple of kitchens, amazing views, and my favorite part of the house? The one of a kind movie theater. Wait until you see it.

This Home is Boise's Own Bachelor in Paradise Mansion

These photos will show you exactly why anything that you see on "Bachelor in Paradise" can also be found right here in Boise. The $5 Million mansion is nothing shy of an Idaho version of the show!

This Incredible Caldwell Mansion Has Its Own Hidden 50s Style Diner

The Incredible Water Slide At This $3 Million Eagle Mansion Has Us Dreaming Of Summer

Built in 2015, this incredible home got a HUGE upgrade when they installed this pool!

This $3.9 Million Eagle Mansion With Its Own Beach is Like Stepping Into a Fairytale

It's not one of the famous castle homes in the Treasure Valley, but it's pretty darn close to being royalty!

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