A field in Eagle will be transformed into a military tribute for two weeks in May, and now is the time to stake out your spot by sponsoring a flag.

The City of Eagle is not letting Memorial Day pass without really giving it the spotlight.  Instead of taking one day in May to honor military veterans, they'll take two weeks, and instead of flying one flag, they'll fly hundreds.  This will be an impressive sight!

They're planning to hold the 15th annual Field of Honor May 22- June 1 at Reid Merrill Park in Eagle and put up hundreds of full-size American Flags on 8-foot poles in perfect formation.  The city says on its website that it will be "a stunning visual tribute to the brave men and women of our military past and present. The flags will start flying on Armed Forces Day and continue through the Memorial Day holiday."

Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May, and it's been recognized since 1950.  Cities, towns, and military bases all over the world celebrate with parades, picnics, shopping discounts, festivals, and parties, according to Military.com, and Eagle will continue that celebration through Memorial Day.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

My dad is a navy veteran and he lives out in the boonies in Nebraska, two miles outside of a one-stoplight town that has three churches, a school, and two gas stations, and that's about it.  Since he lives in the country and only two or three cars drive by his house on an average day, there's no one around to appreciate his flag but my mom, the birds, and a herd of cows.  But he flies it anyway, and I love that about my dad.

If you want to sponsor a flag in Eagle to honor a loved one, they are $30 and you can order one at Eaglefieldofhonor.org. The city says, after the event, you can keep the flag or donate it back to the Field of Honor Organization. Or, give it to your dad.  Proceeds go to The Military Order of the Purple Heart Idaho Department and Chief Joseph Chapter 509.

Volunteers put the Eagle Field of Honor together, and businesses come through with sponsorships and donations too.  It might make a great Mother's Day or Father's Day gift for military moms and dads.  We'll watch social media for the pics!

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