Ladies, how often do you get your hair cut? Once every six weeks? Eight weeks? Ten weeks? No matter how long you go between cuts you always look forward to that “just styled” look you have when you walk out of the salon. 

You know, the look we’re talking about. Your hair looks PERFECT and you know that no matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch to help recreate it at home, you’re never going to pull off the same look. If you’re paying what we pay ($100-$120) for a cut and color, it’s a shame that the style doesn’t last longer!

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Well, there’s about to be another option to get that fresh-from-the-salon look without having to shell out a fortune! Drybar, a salon specializing in blowouts, is coming to Eagle. The salon’s whole philosophy is to do one thing and do it the best. Their thing is blowouts. That’s when your stylist will wash your hair and then use blow dryer techniques to style your hair into one of the cute looks from their look book.

JNSQ Launches as Official Wine Partner of Drybar Salons Nationwide - LA Launch Party
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The styles are named after cocktails: The Manhattan, the Straight Up, the Mai Tai, the Cosmo, the Cosmo-Tai, the Dirty Martini, the Southern Comfort and the Old Fashioned. The styles range from sleek and smooth to wavy or curly.

If you come with clean hair, they can also achieve the styles using hot tools instead of doing full blowouts. You can also add on a request for braids or do an “Uptini,” their take on an up-do. And that’s what they do. No cuts. No color. Just styling.

That styling happens in a cool environment where you can work, watch movies, listen to music and enjoy a complimentary drink while your stylist works their magic. Blowouts last about 45 minutes. Dry styling takes about 30 minutes. Up-dos take about 75 minutes.

JNSQ Launches as Official Wine Partner of Drybar Salons Nationwide - LA Launch Party
Getty Images for JNSQ

How is Drybar Different from Well-Known Boise Area Salons?

We looked through some top-rated salons in Boise and noticed that sometimes the experience of your stylist can factor into what you pay for a blowout. At others, the length of your hair could change how much you pay.

Drybar's base price for blowouts is flat. It doesn't matter how experienced your stylist is or how long your hair is.

Since the Eagle location isn’t scheduled to open until May 5, it’s tough to say how the pricing compares. They did open a location in Coeur d'Alene last August and judging by the prices on their website, Drybar's blowouts are middle of the pack compared to the major Boise salons we looked at.

They offer add-on treatments/services and sell their own line of products too. Drybar’s a big favorite for stars with great hair like Hilary Duff, Cindy Crawford, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Garner.

JNSQ Launches as Official Wine Partner of Drybar Salons Nationwide - LA Launch Party
Getty Images for JNSQ

We’ve never had a blowout, but with the number of gala events we attend or host, this seems like a reasonable alternative to struggling to pull off those more formal styles ourselves. We’re also big fans of eyelash extensions, which you can’t get wet for at least 24 hours after a fill…so to have an option for someone else to wash/style your hair for you instead of just praying you can make your second-day hair look presentable with dry shampoo and some good luck seems magical.

The new salon is expected to open in May 2023 according to their website but already has an Instagram account set up. It will be located at 1060 S Acona Ave, Ste 180 in Eagle.

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