As you're driving down I-84, do you notice that you see the same type of vehicles over and over and over again? Perhaps it's because that particular make and model is of the best selling vehicles in the state! 

If you had to take a guess, what do you think the best selling vehicle in the Gem State is? Honestly, we thought it had to be some sort of Subaru and that's why this list really surprised it. While the Subaru Forester made the "Top 5" in nearby Washington State and the Outback was among the best sellers in Oregon, NO Subaru models were among the best sellers in Idaho.

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In fact, SUVs in general aren't really among the most sought after vehicles in the state. According to Go Banking Rates, these are the best selling vehicles in Idaho.

The 5 Best Selling Vehicles in Idaho

According to Go Banking Rates, these are the five best selling cars in Idaho. We jumped on Kelly Blue Book to see what a fair starting price for these vehicles are and how they do on gas.

Only one of these (the RAV4) is a sensible vehicle for a road trip! If that's what you drive and you're looking for your next adventure, here are some solid picks when it comes to places to check out in Idaho!

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