This revelation lead to quite possibly one of the funniest arguments my husband and I have ever had. 

While we were waiting for our lunch on Sunday afternoon, I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook when I stumbled across an incredibly cute photo from Zoo Boise. It was a photo of one of their Magellanic penguins playing with a pile of rubber ducks. At the zoo, toys like this are part of enrichment activities for the animals to encourage the animals to use their natural abilities and behaviors. These particular enrichment toys were a gift to penguins from someone who saw the on their Amazon Wish List!

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Yup, you read that right. The penguins have their own wish list...well, technically the wish list is a collaboration between all of the animals at Zoo Boise! If you couldn't tell, we're animal lovers here at the station and we think the idea of sending a Zoo Boise animal a gift is super, super cool!

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There are all types of things on the animals' wish list, from stackable toys and rubber balls to puzzle feeders and floats for flippered animal friends! If you want to see it and buy an item from it for yourself, just click HERE! 

Who knows? Maybe one of your gifts will go to Nala and Simba, the sand cat couple who just welcomed their first litter of kittens at the beginning of April!

By the way, if you're wondering what the argument the penguins caused, I naturally said "TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY" when I saw the zoo had commented back with a link to the wish list. My husband pointed out that I've purchased absolutely nothing for him in 2021. To that, I responded "Well, you're impossible to shop for and won't tell me what you want. These penguins are organized and have a list!"

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