Stop right there. Penguin wedding? You had our attention at Penguin wedding. 

This past year really hasn't been a banner year for many of us, but it's certainly been an exciting year for the Magellanic penguin colony at Zoo Boise. Last May, Jimmy and Rose, one of the penguin couples welcomed their first chick together. It was a huge deal for a few reasons! Penguins are monogamous and Jimmy's mate passed away a few years ago. When Rose came to the zoo, the staff was so excited to see them spending time together and even more excited when Rose laid an egg. The couple took exceptional care of the egg and it hatched into a healthy, male penguin chick named Milo. While Zoo Boise's welcomed other baby penguins, he was the first male one!

Now the zoo is getting ready to celebrate the love of another of their penguin couples! Isabelle and Puddin have paired and will tie the knot this Saturday, June 19! The recently re-opened Penguin Pavilion will be transformed into a wedding venue with decorations and photo-ops. There will even be a few surprises for the happy couple!

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While they're not expecting gifts, Isabelle and Puddin did put together a wedding registry for friends that insist on getting them a present. Personally, I'm kind of bummed someone already bought them the disco ball for the reception but there are definitely other items I'd love to treat the happy couple to!

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The penguin wedding is happening in conjunction with their HOWLiday PAWlooza. You can read more about the party and tickets here. 

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