If it hasn't happened to you yet, it eventually will! 

You're enjoying a float on the Boise River with your family. Relaxation turns to pure panic when you reach the takeout at Ann Morrison Park and realize that something from your raft went overboard. Your keys, sunglasses, phone or wallet is now at the bottom of the river and you're fairly sure that you're never going to see it again.

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Well, not all hope is lost! Did you know that Boise has it's very own "River Robin Hood?" It's a title worn proudly by snorkeling enthusiast Rocky Detwiler. He loves the Boise River and hunts it for treasures regularly. When he comes across something valuable, like a cell phone, smartwatch or wallet, he tries to reunite it with its rightful owner. Sometimes that means searching for Medical ID information and tracking that person down on social media.

You may recognize Detwiler's name because he's helped return not one, but two, prosthetic legs to their proper owners and shared the story on several local television stations. Getting the opportunity to share those stories inspired him to set-up his River Robin Hood Facebook page.

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Now, when people lose something while floating the river or in one of the Treasure's Valley's lakes or ponds, they can go to that page and post about what they lost and where. Detwiler will try his best to find it during one of his dives, just like he did for Kedar who lost the knife his stepdad had gifted him.

Just last month, Detwiler found phones, necklaces, smartwatches and debit cards! While he was on one of those dives, PBS caught up with him and will be sharing his cool story about being the "River Robin Hood" in Boise next spring!

So, how do you connect with him if you've lost something? Give his Facebook page a like! It also contains his e-mail address and a phone number. He MAY have already have found your valuables. Detwiler told us this morning he has several iPhones and Apple Watches that he couldn't find identification info for.

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