While Boise eagerly awaits Guy Fieri’s latest visit to the area to make its way into one (or more) new episodes of Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives…you can load up the car and set out to conquer the ultimate DDD road trip through the Pacific Northwest! 

There are several foodie websites out there that have taken on the somewhat daunting task of listing every single restaurant that the Food Network star has visited during an unheard-of 36 seasons on the air. They don’t just post them and leave them, either. They’ll periodically check in to see if the restaurant is still open or has changed names/concepts, so they can update their directories for fans who want to eat where Guy has. 

Getty Images/Canva/Google Maps
Getty Images/Canva/Google Maps

Others take it a step further to rank which restaurants on the show are the “best” diners, drive-ins or dives. Considering Flavortownusa.com has compiled a list of over 1,300 restaurants that have appeared on the show, that can’t be easy to do! But it’s a challenge that both Delish and Mashed have taken on. Both foodie sites put together their own list of “The Best Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Restaurant in Every State.” 

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Considering more than 32,000 of you read our article about Guy’s latest visit to the Treasure Valley, we know the show is as popular as ever so we used those lists from Delish, Mashed and a few directly from Food Network to chart the ultimate Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives road trip through the Pacific Northwest.


This trip does NOT include EVERY restaurant in Idaho, Washington and Oregon that’s appeared on the show because well…some of those restaurants are no longer open and even if you tried to visit all of them that are, you’d have to try to squeeze in more than 60 restaurants. 

YouTube/liegh ann dufurrena
YouTube/liegh ann dufurrena

So we picked the 10 VERY best that our region has to offer according to foodies! In total, this trip covers 1,443 miles and 25 hours of drive time. If you have more PTO than you can realistically use, this may just be a sign to take a few days to enjoy the sights, smells and tastes of restaurants that Guy Fieri gave his seal of approval to! 

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