Former Boise State quarterback, Kellen Moore, failed to make the Dallas Cowboys' final roster on Saturday, but that doesn't mean his NFL season is over.  He could still end up with the team.

The Dallas Morning News says the ducks could still line up for Kellen Moore this season, and that the Cowboys could re-sign him almost as quickly as they cut him. Each NFL team has to trim down to 53 players to start each season, and that always leaves a lot of good players on the outside looking in.  The Cowboys chose rookie Cooper Rush to back up the starter, Dak Prescott, this season, and that sent Kellen Moore packing. For a minute anyway.

Long story short, the Cowboys are waiting to see what happens with Ezekiel Elliot as he appeals his suspension, and depending on how all of that works out, Kellen Moore could be asked to pack again, and re-join the team.

And we thought our lives were emotional roller coasters!  Being an NFL player has to require some Pepto sometimes not knowing which team you'll settle in with, and living out of a suitcase until you find out.

We have a feeling Kellen Moore's NFL career is not over yet, and we'll be watching to see if he remains a Cowboy.  #17 could end up on the sidelines this weekend as the Cowboys take on the Giants September 10th, but no matter where he ends up we'll be proud he was a Bronco.

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