Spring is officially here! That means longer days, warmer weather and bathing suit season! In an effort to ensure all LITE listeners feel cool for the summer, we opened up submissions for any of our listeners to enter for their chance to win FREE dual CoolSculpting thanks to our friends at Spa 35 Med Spa.

We narrowed down the submissions to the top three entries. Listen to their stories below and vote on who YOU feel deserves free CoolSculpting from Spa 35, Idaho's #1 provider of CoolSculpting fat reduction in Idaho!

Voting takes place below the final submission. Only one entry per hour is allowed, with voting allowed until 5 p.m. MST on Sunday, March 25th.

Credit: Flora Moris

Flora Moris

I am 47-year-old mom of two busy kids. My birthday is next week and this would amazing present for me. During the winter of 2016 I was shoveling snow for our elderly neighbors but I injured my shoulder pretty bad. It required physical therapy for multiple months followed by a surgery last October. I used to be very active, but the surgery took a lot out of me, and therefore I gained weight in my mid-section while I recovered. I'm feeling better now but it will still take a year for me to lift weights and two years before I can swim again. Please help this mom to feel better in her body while she recovers. I'd love to get rid of my unwanted love handles as I don't love them at all!


Credit: Shaynee Sheppard

Shaynee Sheppard

I've been longing to have CoolSculpting done for a few years now. No matter how hard I try with diet and exercise, there is that post-baby belly that just won't go away. I hate feeling uncomfortable in my clothes and bathing suit, and shying away from wearing things because of how I'll look. I've tried to save the money to do it, but kids are expensive and it always seems to go for something they need, school expenses or yet another repair for the house. I would love to have my confidence back and not have to be self-conscious of how I look.


Credit: Jolene Shores

Jolene Shores

I've worked hard since last May to lose weight. I was about to turn 40 and decided it was time for me to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Since I made that decision, I regularly go to the gym and I'm on a strict Keto diet. I started my journey at 226 pounds and now I'm down to 162 pounds! While I work hard, I still have this pesky flab on my stomach that I'd love to have removed. I LOVE the new me and I will not gain this weight back. This is the only part of my "old" body still peaking through. I'd love for the opportunity! Please choose me!

Reminder: Only one entry per hour is allowed, with voting allowed until 5 p.m. MST on Sunday, March 25th.