Escape rooms come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They range from easy to hard, from family-friendly to adult. Some allow you to go with two people; some allow you to bring six. With ten different escape room businesses in the Treasure Valley, there is a ton of competition for the hardest, most fun, most exciting, and most unique experiences.

If you're not familiar with the escape room phenomenon, the concept is pretty simple. You are "locked" in a themed room for a 60-minute time period. You have to look for the clues that lead to your escape or to escape into the next room. The idea is to make it out before the time ends and maybe even more of a challenge is to get out faster than your friends who have done the escape room before.

Escape This
Escape This

Getting out of the room fast has always been a challenge for me. I've been to four escape rooms and have never beaten the 60-minute clock. This is obviously because of the people I have taken with me. They slowed me down and hearing their thoughts on the clues we found was frustrating. Honestly, I would have gotten out faster if I were by myself, but teamwork is part of the challenge. Learning to be patient with your friends or family members who aren't as smart as you is all part of the fun.

As you gather with friends and family for Christmas, Escape This, one of Boise's escape room businesses, is offering a Christmas-themed room. According to their website, you need to "escape from Santa's workshop while the elves are on their one-hour lunch break." While you're there, you'll want to add your name to the "Nice List" to ensure you'll get a present this year. You can play with up to six people.

If you're like me, it will be fun, but you'll need to pack some patience if your name is going to stay on Santa's nice list!

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