Lots of people say they want to do something after a tragedy, and students in Caldwell did more than just talk about it.  Students at Syringa Middle School held a moving event with a twist on Friday, to honor all 17 Parkland, Florida shooting victims.    

If you love a story about how kindness grows from a tragedy, you'll like this one.

Students at Syringa Middle School in Caldwell, were part of a kindness assembly Friday afternoon, and KTVB says each student got the chance to perform one of those random-acts-of-kindness -- whatever interested them.

According to KTVB, each homeroom at the school took on several tasks like "hanging posters on classroom doors with positive messages, sticking kind Post-it notes on lockers, and making signs to honor all 17 victims from the Parkland school shooting massacre."

Speakers at the assembly encouraged everyone to continue to find ways to have a positive impact on their little corner of the world, and prove that kindness matters even if it seems like something small.  Teachers and parents know middle school is a pivotal age for kids, and an important time to teach kids that kindness can have a huge impact and ripple effect once it's set in motion.

I think it's super cool of these middle schoolers to do something positive to remember victims that are thousands of miles away, and spread a little love in the process.  And who knows, they just might inspire a larger kindness movement in the Treasure Valley.  We can all stick some Post-Its around the office with positive messages, right?  It's nice when the good outweighs the bad.

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