Some Idahoans complain about Californians moving to the Gem state, however, I would like to point out what was on the way here from Florida recently. A couple moving to Idaho from Florida last month crammed forty-one cats, yes 41 cats, in the back of a U-Haul that was also crammed with everything else for the move. Furniture, clothes, lamps, boxes, chairs, etc.

Newsweek talked to the CEO and founder Samantha Shelton of Furkids the Georgia shelter that took in the cats. She described the scene when they took the U-haul to her shelter and opened the back saying,  "They were packed into carriers, some four and five to a carrier, and then packed like boxes or furniture in the back of a U-Haul truck. The truck did not have ventilation and would seem like a coffin. The owners were attempting to move from Florida to Idaho with the cats in the truck and they were intercepted by Cordele police."

Cats in U-haul, FurKids Animal Shelter - Photo by, Talley Davidson, Georgia
Cats in U-haul, FurKids Animal Shelter -
Photo by, Talley Davidson, Georgia

Obviously horrible and giving the felines very little breathing space and no air circulation. These cats most likely would not have made it across the county, from Florida to Idaho in those conditions. Luckily the U-haul and couple didn't make it too far and were pulled over in Georgia. Police had them open the back and discovered the cats. Police then started calling nearby shelters and that is when Furkids got involved.

Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters is the largest no-kill shelter in Atlanta.  Furkids took the cats in for examinations and to get them up to date on immunizations. The organization so far has raised about $4,500 so far to help cover the costs. If you would like to donate to the great work they are doing, you can do so here.

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