You know how every day is a silly holiday of some kind? Well today is National Give a Dollar to Someone Day. National Today highlights the important part of the day, "Give Someone a Dollar Day is a reminder of the value of the dollar bill and the symbolic act of giving to others. It is a time to act on one of the most basic and often disregarded aspects of human nature — kindness. You can rally your friends and family to join you in your giving spree, or you can start a donation pot and donate the proceeds to a charity."

Rather than just aimlessly giving money to someone, although I am sure they will enjoy it thoroughly - there are a lot of great things that can be done with even small donations to some of Idaho's charities and non-profits.

There are dozens and dozens of incredible and worthy non-profits out there. If you already have a non-profit in mind that is wonderful, I encourage you to try and spare some money on this day of giving. - Ideally more than a dollar... If you need some inspiration, scroll below for some great ones to look into helping out.

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