Auburn Football Coach Bryan Harsin is now in the movie business. No, the Capital High School graduate is not leaving the gridiron for Hollywood. Coach Harsin is looking to motivate his team and unify his fan base, which was fractured last year due to a failed coup attempt.

Here's a quick recap of Coach Harsin's friends and foes who are watching his every move.  Some are cheering for his success and the others are waiting for his demise.

The Players in the Rise and Fall of Bryan Harsin

A look at the kingmakers in the big-time world of College Football in SEC.

Harsin watchers have been impressed with the transformation of the moody driven coach that ruled the sidelines at Boise State. The coach taped his coach's show and wasn't as accessible as his predecessor Chris Petersen. The once recluse has become a walking, talking media platform. Critics of Coach Harsin believed he did not work to ingratiate himself to the Auburn community. The new Coach Harsin has his podcast and has worked to improve fractured relationships with influential donors.

The SEC is the most driven competitive league in college sports.  Coach Harsin had plenty of coaching experience, however the Auburn job has a special level of difficulty.  Here's a look at Bryan Harsin's past stops before taking the big job on the Plains.

Bryan Harsin's Tour of Coaching Jobs

A look at all of the stops on the coaching tour of Auburn Head Football Coach Bryan Harsin.

Alabama fans say their rival has a long way to go to compete in the SEC West. Alabama Coach Nick Saban made headlines saying that last year's efforts were a rebuilding year despite finishing second to the national champion Georgia.

What do Top Gun and Auburn Football have in common? Not much on the surface; however, Coach Harsin has used the sequel's popularity to inspire his team. Fighter pilots are replaced with quarterbacks in Auburn's take on Top Gun. An interesting move, considering the team desperately needs to find a starting quarterback.

You can see the video here.

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