Bryan Harsin is now a freeman who doesn't have to worry about recruiting, boosters, and the pesky media for the first time in years. Coach Harsin has been relieved of his coaching duties. Within thirty days, the former Boise State coach will receive fifty percent of the fifteen million dollar salary owed by his former employer Auburn University.

We wouldn't be surprised to see him in McCall, Sun Valley, or Coeur d'Alene. I wouldn't be surprised if he lands the head coaching job at Arizona State, Colorado, or Nebraska. All three schools have tremendous resources and not nearly the pressure of coaching in the SEC West, college football's toughest division.


Coach Harsin's remaining staff members, whom he brought from Boise State, have all been fired. It appears the Auburn administration is scrubbing any Boise remnants from their organization. The move is unusual, considering some staff members are usually retained for the remainder of the season. You can read the entire story here.

Time will tell whether Mr. Harsin returns to college football as a head coach or an offensive coordinator; his firing continues to fuel reactions on social media. Let's look at what the college football world thinks of Coach Harsin losing his job.  

Uncensored Reaction to the Harsin Firing










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