When we last left former Boise State Football Coach Bryan Harsin, he had survived an attempted coup to remove him as the head football coach at Auburn University. Harsin kept his job despite overwhelming odds and is now preparing for his second season on the Plains.

The Players in the Rise and Fall of Bryan Harsin

A look at the kingmakers in the big-time world of College Football in SEC.

Harsin faces various challenges, including a lack of a starting quarterback as last year's starter and Auburn legacy Bo Nix left for Oregon. ( I wonder if Nix kept his lucrative NIL deal with Milos? Do they have Milos in Eugene?)

The former Boise State coach kept his job because the university, despite spurious allegations, could not find a reason to fire Harsin for cause. The usual suspects of meddling donors did not want to pay him almost twenty million dollars to walk away from Auburn.

In an exclusive interview, the former Bronco coach told ESPN that he's not folding his tent. He still is fighting for the kids. He's also fighting for his job. Harsin will be on a short leash if he fails to surpass last year's disappointing 6-7.

He told ESPN that the allegations against him brought unity to the football program. "Coming out of this, we're stronger," Harsin said. "We're in a much better position than we were 16 months ago. Our team, the leadership, the chemistry, the cohesiveness -- all those things -- have really shown up over the past two or three months."  


SEC insiders tell us that Harsin has the hottest coaching seat in the conference, if not the country. His first two recruiting classes have failed to move the needle inside the SEC West or across the country. Harsin was brought to Auburn to surpass the level of former Auburn Coach Guz Malzahn.

The Athletic detailed how Harsin has recruited in his first two years on the Plains.  They offer their candid assessment here.

"Auburn’s recruiting has taken a noticeable dip under Harsin. Last season, the Tigers ranked 14th overall in 247Sports’ talent composite and went 6-7. After a mass exodus through the portal and an incoming transfer class that ranks just 25th, Auburn’s overall talent relative to its schedule and peers in its conference is trending in the wrong direction."

A lack of recruiting success cost Florida Head Coach Dan Mullin his job last year. Harsin has overhauled his staff with familiar coaches that have worked with him before.

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