After the win Saturday night against Washington State, the Broncos have launched themselves into the national conversation about bowl season and the playoffs.  Too soon?  Or is it kinda awesome?

USA Today writer, Paul Meyerberg, makes the argument that Boise State is an up and coming football powerhouse that deserves the same type of national attention that schools like Alabama, Ohio State, and Michigan get regularly. He defends us against the haters, while he congratulates the Broncos on the win over the weekend, he points out the trophies and honors that have come to campus over the past few years.  Oh, and he says the best quarterback prospect in program history could be sophomore Brett Rypien. Don't tell Kellen Moore.

The Washington State game turned into a little bit of a nail biter on Saturday night, but the Broncos won and moved their record to 2-0.  It's a smidge early to start talking about bowl games and things, but it is nice that analysts who get paid to think a lot about football, are thinking about the Broncos.

Now, can we do something about the schedule?  The Broncos just got some momentum going, and now they have the fan-dreaded bye week this week.  Then it's on to Oregon State on the 24th,.

That gives fans plenty of time to dig up new Pinterest recipes for football snacks, and it gives the players ample time to practice, heal, and not think too much about the end of the season just yet.  Sports writers are doing plenty of that for us.