Crews have worked day and night to complete to completely replace the 60 year-old bridge near Boise State.

[Update September 1st 9:50 a.m.] ITD just confirmed to Channel 2 that the bridge will open following a a community celebration on Friday, September 9th. It opens at 1 p.m. and will allow traffic to flow through three lanes in each direction. The bike lanes, sidewalks and access to the Greenbelt under the bridge will also open that day.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the project was originally projected to take 18 months but crews worked tirelessly to cut the construction time in half.  The $20.2 million project wasn't expected to be totally complete by September 10th.  Originally the Idaho Transportation Department expected to have just a few lanes of the bridge open on game day to help Bronco fans get to the game.

Even after the bridge reopens, you'll still see crews finishing up landscaping and the access from the bridge to Greenbelt.