We are now one month into the closure of the Broadway Bridge in downtown Boise, and while most of us are use to the new routes, I wanted to see how far along the work is. 

Our studios are just about a block away so I took a little detour on the way to work today to see what's been done.

Clearly, a lot has changed.

There is no longer a bridge across the Boise River and I was watching crews continue to remove old concrete and other rubble from the process.

There were a few people gathered near me looking at the progress, and I overheard one comment what I think we're all probably thinking: "It takes a couple weeks to tear it down, and 9 months to put it back together."  Sadly, that's true.

If you ever want to take a look and don't happen to work right down the block, there is a camera set up for the project.  You can check it out HERE.