As we get closer to Thanksgiving and ultimately Christmas, more and more families will be coming together to celebrate. They'll be hanging out in living rooms, taking over empty or already occupied bedrooms, storing things in your garage, and eating your food. We used to look forward to having visitors, but maybe not as much now in the middle of a pandemic. Either way, with so many different people coming in and out, and while you're busy entertaining, this might be the perfect time to have your home professionally cleaned. According to everyone's favorite review site, Yelp, here are the top four home cleaning services in Boise.


#1 - ProTouch Cleaners
ProTouch Cleaners is using hospital-grade disinfectants, and they sanitize all of their equipment between jobs. Several reviews talk about how passionate the owner, Andrew, is, and you see the words "great job" show up in almost every review.

#2 - Boise Cleaning Fairy
Boise Cleaning Fairy has very consistent reviews, with many of them bragging about their service and claiming to be "very satisfied customers." You can tell that this is a company that gets a lot of repeat business.

#3 - Dream Clean Idaho
Dream Clean Idaho does everything from weekly home cleanings to move in and move out deep cleans. The reviews all talk about the great work they do. However, their estimate process seems to cause some confusion for some of the reviewers.

#4 - Boise Cleaning Maid Easy
Boise Cleaning Maid Easy takes some good precautions during the pandemic to keep their customers and their employees safe. Their reviews are very consistent. They talk about efficiency and the thorough nature of their work.

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