Earlier this week, we shared an article about the national movement to put back up your Christmas lights and trees to spread a little joy and light during a dark time! 

We're not surprised that you little elves who LOVE everything Christmas were quick to ask us to bring the Christmas music back. As soon as we saw those requests, we hunkered down on a video call to figure out how to make it happen. It was an easy decision to make after we saw Carol post that she was humming Christmas songs while on the job as a nurse at St. Luke's. We'll do just about anything we can to bring a smile to the face of those working in healthcare right now!

Between all those Hallmark original Christmas movies you'll be watching, there will be two ways for you to enjoy Christmas music from the Boise's OFFICIAL Christmas Music Station.

LITE-FM's Christmas Player

For those of you who wanted Christmas music 24/7, this option is for you! We've relaunched our Christmas player! You can hear it HERE or click the "Christmas Music" button on the LITE-FM mobile app. 

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LITE-FM's Christmas Quickie

We know some of you might not be ready for a Santa overload quite yet, but would still like to hear a few Christmas songs so starting Monday, March 23 be listening to my show around 7:30 to hear a quick block of two or three Christmas songs! If you don't have an actual radio in your home, you can hear these Christmas goodies through the app or your smart speaker!

We hope this little taste of Christmas joy can make this weird time a little easier on your family!

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