College graduation ceremonies can feel a little long sometimes, and your family might complain about having to listen to a list of names they don't recognize for two or three hours before yours is finally announced. But it's good to endure.  If you skip the ceremony, you'll regret it.

The year I graduated, some of my classmates decided to skip the graduation ceremony and have the diploma mailed to them instead.  Fight the urge!  The ceremony is the exclamation point on your college career and you should soak in every minute.

After four, five, or maybe eight years of a lot of hard work hitting the books, graduation is the culmination of it all. It's a moment to celebrate.  Sure, the diploma is yours whether you're at the graduation ceremony or not, but after years of late nights cramming for tests, nailing deadlines for mid-term papers, and successfully find a parking spot every day, you deserve to wear the cap and gown and breathe in the moment.  And besides, all of your friends will be there and it would feel weird seeing their happy graduation pics on social media while you're sitting on the couch.  Liking the ceremony on social media just isn't the same.

Boise State's graduation is coming up Saturday, December 16th for most departments.  The School of Nursing will hold its convocation on Friday, December 15th from 4 to 6pm at the Jordan Ballroom in the Student Union Building, but everyone else gets diplomas on Saturday the 16th at 10am at Taco Bell Arena.  This the 101st commencement at Boise State, and they'll celebrate with a reception afterward at the Jordan Ballroom.

December graduating classes are usually smaller than those in the spring, and these grads will get to hang out and enjoy the Christmas break before they have to get serious about all the real world stuff.  There's a lot to celebrate, so don't miss out.  Congratulations grads, and may you successfully find good parking spots every day at your new office job.

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