Former Boise State Broncos quarterback Brett Rypien made his first career start in the NFL on Thursday Night Football with the Denver Broncos. His first half was outstanding, but the second half was a little shaky. He became only the second quarterback to ever win his first game after throwing three interceptions.

While the Boise State football program has sent many quarterbacks to the Canadian Football League, not many have made it onto an NFL team. 1974 quarterback Jim McMillan was drafted by the Detroit Lions, but he never played a regular-season game. Taylor Tharp wasn't drafted but wound up on the Carolina Panthers roster. It was short-lived, and he never saw the field.

The Boise State Quarterback that has done the best in the NFL so far is Kellen Moore. As a player, he started two games for the Dallas Cowboys in 2015. He threw for four touchdowns and six interceptions. Obviously, his best moments in the NFL have been as a coach. He has been the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys since 2018.

Brett Rypien's first start was efficient statistically. He threw for two touchdowns and three interceptions and helped get the Denver Broncos their first win of the year. It is unknown right now whether or not he will get another chance to play. The team is optimistic that their regular starter Drew Lock will be back next week. If not, it will be Brett Rypien again taking on the New England Patriots and Cam Newton.

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