After being cancelled in 2020, the skies over Ann Morrison Park will be filled with fireworks this Fourth of July. However, another beloved Boise tradition has said farewell for the final time. 

Earlier this week, the We the People 4th of July Celebration Committee posted an open letter to Boise City Council and Boise residents regarding the future of the parade on their Facebook page. In the letter, the committee announced that after nearly 20 years of celebrating our freedom and unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the committee is folding. There will be no parade in 2021 or any years that follow.

The We the People Liberty Parade was not an event organized by the City of Boise. It's coordination and execution was an all-volunteer effort led by a committee primarily made up of members of one family. In the letter, the committee explained that as the years have gone on members of the family have grown up, gotten married, had children of their own and have moved on to pursuing their personal dreams. No doubt, that's been exciting for the amazing individuals that helped bring so much joy to Boise every July, it's left the committee unable to stage the parade. Restrictions tied to the pandemic also played into the decision.

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The committee thanked the organizations who were essential to making the parade successful at length and will distribute their remaining resources to other community service organizations.

While, we'll sincerely miss getting pelted by water balloons (not so much the welts that we get as a result) as the station walks by the hundreds of families who came to parade every year, we wish the committee members who selflessly volunteered their time to give us so many parade memories many years of health and happiness.

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If you're crushed that there won't be a parade in Boise, there will be parades in Caldwell, Star, Melba and Council  on Saturday, July 3.

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