It has been an issue heard around the globe--the overturning of Roe v Wade by the United States Supreme Court. It was a decision many thought wouldn't be made--from both sides of the political spectrum. However, after a controversial leaked opinion hit the internet followed by the official release weeks later, it is now reality.

The issue is polarizing and in states like Idaho where "trigger bans" were already in place to ban abortion should the Supreme Court of the United States overturn that ruling, many women have been left fearful of their options for healthcare and the decisions to be made for their bodily autonomy.

This week, Boise City Council put forth and passed a resolution that would limit the City of Boise's response in future investigations of "possible abortions taking place".

In a 4-2 vote, Boise City Council members decided that public safety resources shouldn't be diverted to this issue--which could call for police to investigate doctors or individuals.

In a statement on Twitter, Mayor Mclean said:


  It did not take long for members of the community to chime in on this statement:    



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