One of the trends we've seen and LOVE on social media is the number of parents using some of the extra time they get to spend with their kids to introduce them to the culinary arts!

Pizzas are one of the most popular choices for these at home cooking adventures, but let's be honest...while we're trying to work from home we may not have the time to mix up our own pizza dough and wait for it to rise in time for dinner. If the Albertsons by our station is any indication, finding flour to make the dough in the first place poses a bit of a challenge too.

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This is where South East Boise's Pizza Pie Cafe steps in to help make making dinner fun! Right now they're offering DYI personal pizza kits through their takeout/curbside delivery service. For $4 you can pick a kit that includes everything you need to make your own personal cheese, pepperoni or Oreo pizza at home. They ask you to call ahead to order yours and you can find that information through their Facebook page by clicking HERE.

The small business, located right off of I-84 at 2757 S Broadway, is also offering a special for truckers who are hard at work delivering essential goods to our stores during the coronavirus pandemic. They can grab a small one topping pizza, small order of garlic knots and a medium drink for just $7.50. The plaza they're located in is the old Shopko plaza, so there's plenty of room for big rigs to pull in to grab some curbside delivery.

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