Back in the day, Boise, Idaho was usually on these types of lists: "most affordable metros in the U.S." How far removed are we now?

We've all noticed that the Treasure Valley is no longer a cheap place to live. In fact, my rent went up by a hundred dollars when my lease is up and in a few months, I'm afraid that will happen again. But it's not just rent or mortgage costs that come into play when you're talking about the most affordable places to live. You also have to consider variables like state taxes, cost of groceries, gas prices, the cost to get a haircut (yes, seriously, that's weighed in on these things) and many others. Back in the day, the Treasure Valley certainly was a secret treasure, but in 2021, it's a secret no more!

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Treasure Valley Dave talks about this at length. He shares the 10 most affordable metros in the United States to live in, and talks at length about what's going on here in the Treasure Valley, because it's not just Boise. It's the whole metro. Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Caldwell, Kuna, Emmett, the whole Treasure Valley is contending with this very fast increase in living costs and it doesn't feel like it's slowing down at all. How bad will it get? Will it ever get as bad as California? San Francisco? San Francisco has about the worst cost of living in the country so it may take a while to get to that point. Check out what Treasure Valley Dave has to say about it all in this very enlightening video.

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