Boise (and the whole Treasure Valley) is a really great place to live and settle down, and sometimes we take for granted the amazing opportunities around us. While we live here and love it here, many around the country and the world enjoy being here, too, and Boise is quickly becoming one of the best vacation spots!

A recent article from Reader’s Digest breaks down the 52 best “Mini Vacations” that aren’t going to hurt your bank account, and Boise is very high up on that list, following Park City, Utah.

Here’s what Reader’s Digest has to say about Boise...

“The “City of Trees” is a perfect destination when you’re looking for a mini vacation where you can enjoy the outdoors. Hikers and bikers have almost 200 miles of trails to explore in the foothills just above Boise, with trailheads right in town. There are also 104 parks in the city, or you can hop on a bike to visit beer, wine, and cider tasting rooms located near Boise’s Greenbelt, a 25-mile trail along the Boise River that goes right through the city.”

They go on to mention some budget and lodging tips, too, and they say to explore downtown, as “the downtown features an entire city block dedicated to the Basque culture, the perfect spot to try out small tastes, or “tapas,” an inexpensive option for dinner.” As for where to stay, Reader’s Digest recommends The Riverside Hotel.

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