As a child, you always dreamed of having a giant slide inside your house. 

In fact, there was probably a time or two when you tried to turn the stairs at your home into a slide. Maybe you tried to slide down it on a sleeping bag, they same way you do on a burlap sack on the giant slides at the Western Idaho Fair. Or maybe, you transformed a laundry basket into a makeshift roller coaster car and tried to ride down that way. While fun way to move from floor to floor, it certainly wasn't the safest way to enjoy a "slide" inside your home.

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We're guessing whoever was responsible for designing "Aunt Ethel's Cabin" in Island Park probably enjoyed sliding down the stairs as much as you did because they built a much safer slide into the luxury cabin! It takes kids from the upper loft back down to the main level of the cabin.

The cabin itself is a perfect place to say if you're planning a trip to Yellowstone. It's only 25 miles away from the West Entrance to the park. It's also close to the Big Springs boat ramp where you can put in your kayak or paddle board. There are also trails for hiking, biking and even an ATV ride nearby your rental.

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Once you take a look at the photos of this property, you're going to want to book a stay there. That's the biggest challenge. Right now, it looks like even at $479 a night, it's sold out clear into 2022. It's definitely one to bookmark and check back in on frequently!

This Luxury Idaho Cabin is Tricked Out With Its Own Giant Indoor Slide

Aunt Ethel's Cabin in Island Park, ID is the perfect and quirky (thanks to its indoor slide) place to stay during your next trip to Yellowstone...if you're lucky enough to find an open date! It appears to be booked clear into 2022!

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