When Cade Willes's big brother posted a Facebook event to celebrate his graduation from Capital High, he hoped that the event would end up in the hands of someone that could get the word out to the entire Treasure Valley. 

Last year, when the pandemic caused the cancellation of graduation parties and birthday parties, people started their engines and rolled out to celebrate these once in a lifetime events with community parades. We ended up being part of over 75 of them, so we're not surprised some friends passed along this event to us! It's been a minute since we fired up our parade caravan, but we wouldn't miss this one for the world.

Austin is the big brother that all of us wish we had. He's incredibly proud of his little brother, Cade, proudly calling him by his nickname "Caderator." When we chatted about the drive-by celebration on Facebook, Austin told me that Cade has a disability that keeps him from doing a lot. Cade knows he's different than other kids his age, but his family has always said that the things that make him different make him cooler than everyone they know.

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In 2008, the boys' father was involved in an accident that left him in a coma for three months and another six months recovering in the hospital. It was difficult for Austin, but even more so for Cade. Even with the challenges that the world threw at the Caderator, he's faced them head on and come out of them with a smile. Reaching his high school graduation at Capital is a sign of his resilience and Austin doesn't want the pandemic to keep him from celebrating. That's why he's organizing a drive-by celebration for Cade on Sunday, May 30 from 3:30-5 p.m.

He wants to give his little brother a day that he'll never forget by rallying as many people in the Treasure Valley as he can to stop by with a balloon and a graduation card! He's looking for semi trucks, motorcycles, classic cars, regular cars, tractors...any vehicles to stop by and be part of it! We're bringing our van out and we hope that you'll join us in honoring this young man!

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If you'd like to, you can find the address and details in the Facebook event HERE! Austin tells us that Cade absolutely loves Mardi Gras beads, pizza and Harry Potter. If you can work them into your card or decorations, he'd LOVE it!

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