About a year ago, Food & Wine named Boise one of America's “next great food cities.” In the complimentary article, they said that Boise’s able to hold its own against some of the Pacific Northwest’s top restaurants in Seattle and Portland. 

Food & Wine highlighted some of Boise’s finest upscale restaurants like Kin, Little Pearl Oyster Bar and The Lively, popular food truck parks like Green Acres and The Switchback and our ever growing list of local wineries and breweries. The article was written BEFORE the Warehouse Food Hall opened in Downtown Boise, but they previewed it and we can confidently say that the vendors that have opened there have exceeded our expectations for unique and delicious foods. (We’re looking at you, Freshies. You were worth the wait!)

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We know that mouth watering entrees are what normally draw people into Boise’s growing food scene, but the city also has a surprising number of hidden gems to offer when it comes to dessert! Whether you’re a chocoholic or a fruit fanatic, you’ll find an incredible dessert to indulge in. But is there ONE dessert that stands out from the rest?

According to the incredibly popular Boise Food Finds group on Facebook, the answer is yes and the competition isn’t even close! In a recent discussion about where to go for the best desserts in town, the “Warm Butter Cake” at Fork was overwhelmingly the favorite! 


According to a post they made in 2021, they served that desert more than 100,000 times. If it has remained that popular, the number in 2023 is probably around 130,000! Their menu description for the dessert reads: 

Our age ol’ recipe topped with local Cloverleaf vanilla ice cream, fresh fruit & Oregon berry coulis.

While Warm Butter Cake may have been THE favorite of the foodies in this particular Facebook group, there were a bunch of other tasty suggestions thrown out into the universe. Here’s a look at some other local favorites! 

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