Starbucks holiday drink menu returned to the Treasure Valley 13 days ago. While we were incredibly excited to enjoy our first Peppermint Mocha of the season and try the new Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte, we were crushed that those drinks didn't come in a free reusable cup! 

Starbucks began its tradition of releasing holiday cups 24 years ago, but the newer tradition of kicking off their holiday season by gifting early birds a FREE reusable holiday cup on the first day of the season didn't begin until 2018. That's why Starbucks lovers were very much looking forward to November 4 this year.

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They were immediately disappointed when they rolled up to the drive-thru window and what they thought was a qualifying holiday drink in a festive, but disposable paper cup. What gives?

There was still no definitive answer as to why the cup giveaway and first day of holiday drinks were separated but Starbucks reassured customers that it was still happening, but wasn't ready to announce the day quite yet. Some believe that it was potentially a shipping delay that prevented stores from getting their red cups in time, but our barista at the Boise Ave and Apple store couldn't confirm that.

Now Starbucks is ready to make it official. They officially announced that Reusable Red Cup Day is happening on Thursday, November 18 and shared this preview of the cup.

While replying to comments on Facebook, Starbucks said "most stores will be participating, but if you want to double-check, please contact your local store." Those ordering a qualifying holiday beverage will get their free cup while supplies last. The Treasure Valley has 21 free-standing Starbucks locations and 23 located in other stores like Target, Albertsons and Fred Meyer.

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