While 12,710 participants at St. Luke's FitOne endured some light showers after the 5K start, something fluffy was happening in the mountains.

According to their Facebook page, Bogus Basin was planning on two more weeks of summer operations that includes summer tubing, trampoline bungee, wall climbing, scenic chair rides and mountain biking. The summer season has been cut at least one day short after Bogus Basin received a dusting of snow, forcing them to close mountain operations on Saturday even though there was no noticeable accumulation in the snow gage.

The forecast on the mountain's website shows that there's a slight chance of more snow this evening as the low drops to 26. Snow showers in the forecast at Bogus on Sunday as well.

Down in the valley, the cool down continues with the low dropping down to a chilly 34 tonight and a high of 53 on Sunday. That cool down won't last too long. By Thursday, we'll be close to 70 again.

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