I got to thinking about how electric companies charge their rates, especially with Christmas here and so many people decorating with lights.

Then after looking at their rate system, I thought, wait a minute...that discriminates against families.  Now hear me out and you will see I'm right.

Power companies charge according to how much power you use in each building and the more you use the more the rate per minute jumps up.  How power companies get away with discriminating is they don't have how many people are in the house involved in the equation.  The rate is the same if you have one person or six people.

A family of six will obviously not only use more power but use it at a faster rate. So a family will jump to the higher rate faster than a single person, even though they too live in one location. This is discrimination against families.

I do believe I've come up with an easy solution that will make everything fair.  You take into account how many people are in the house and multiply each rate by that number. So say there are 5 people in the house you take 5 times the lowest rate and take the allowable hours and times it by 5, that would be 4,000 not 800.  Then before you can jack their rate to the next level, the family of 5 would have to use 4,000kwh not 800kwh.  That would be fair and would save the average family of 5 between $75 and $100 each month.

Then before each rate hike, you take the simple equation and use it.  That is fair, not the way it's being operated right now.

If you like my solution, please pass it on.  We have 7 adults and one child in our home right now, so we have the rate jump faster than a person living on their own.  Our average electric bill is about $450.00 a month.  Under my plan it would be less than $300. Sure the power companies won't like it, but it's fair and doesn't discriminate against families.

Man are there worms all over the place now.

Kevin Mee


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