Summer is here and so are summer road trips! According to The Vacationer, almost 79% of Americans plan to take a road trip over the next three months. When weary travelers hit Idaho and are looking for a place to eat, there’s a chance that they may find the best “truck stop food in America!” 

Food & Wine Magazine recently set out to find the best roadside restaurants in America. With over 4 million miles of roadway from coast to coast, that’s no small feat. They wanted to focus on actual restaurants rather than gas stations with their own food chains. (Depending on where you grew up that means somewhere like Sheetz, Wawa or Buc-Ees.) 

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When all was said and done, we counted a total of 33 different places that made the cut, including a name that anyone who travels around Boise is familiar with. Food & Wine Magazine is one of the go-to publications for foodies and getting a shoutout in one of their articles is considered quite prestigious. 

Facebook/Boise Stage Stop
Facebook/Boise Stage Stop

That’s why we were excited to see that the Boise Stage Stop was among the finalists. In some way, shape or form, the store has been operating in some way shape or form since the late 1800s when it was an actual stage stop on the Oregon Trail. Food & Wine seemed particularly taken with the Stage Stop’s steaks saying: 

You can drop by for a giant slab of slow-roasted prime rib, or an array of charbroiled steaks, served with all the usual trimmings. Breakfasts also cater heavily to meat lovers — it’s not every day you order a rather whopping 16 oz. sirloin steak with your scrambles. 

The steaks make up just a small part of the menu. The Stage Stop offers more than a half dozen sandwiches, burgers, Italian dishes, pizzas and Mexican dishes like quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas and more. However, they do pride themselves on the steaks that caught Food & Wine’s attention. Their motto? “You are guaranteed a five-star steak. Without the five-star price tag.”  

Facebook/Boise Stage Stop
Facebook/Boise Stage Stop

It’s great to see the Boise Stage Stop in the national spotlight for their great food and down-home hospitality, but one of the coolest things they do was left out of that article! The Boise Stage stop is well known for treating truckers who find themselves working and away from their families on Thanksgiving to a home-cooked, traditional feast. Giving those CDL drivers a place to feel at home when they can’t be at home for the holiday has been a tradition at the Boise Stage Stop for nearly two decades.

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