Ooey gooey quesadillas. Creamy bowls of macaroni and cheese. Pizza piled high with extra cheese. Stringy mozzarella sticks. There are very few cravings that the cheese can’t satisfy. 

Let’s be honest. Even when you’re trying to be a cultured adult, enjoying a wine flight on the Sunnyslope, the first thing you reach for on the charcuterie board is cheese. You can work cheese into just about any type of dish: breakfast, lunch, dinner, even dessert. 

That’s why choosing the single best cheesy dish in every state is a tall order, but it was one that the experts at Food Network were willing to take on. So, when the bellies were full and the forks were put down, which restaurant’s dish took the top spot? 

We were a little surprised, because we totally expected the title to be handed to Coeur d'Alene born Meltz Extreme. Food Network put their list together before their Boise location opened in November, but the OG Meltz opened in 2012 and has been winning awards at Grilled Cheese Invitationals since 2013. (Yes, that’s an actual competition and we’d do anything to be invited to help judge.)

Facebook/Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese
Facebook/Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese

But the extreme grilled cheese destination didn’t get Idaho’s nod from the Food Network. That honor went to a restaurant that got its start in West Boise over 20 years ago and has been serving up great coffee and good grub in the Linen District since 2006. 

According to Food Network, the best “cheesy dish” in Idaho can be found at Big City Coffee. They chose Big City’s “Loaded Potatoes.” They’re on the restaurant’s all day breakfast menu and in the words of their creators they are:

“A big plate of oven-roasted potatoes with melted cheese, bacon, tomato, sour cream and salsa”

Basically everything you’d love on a heaping stack of nachos served over an Idaho classic.  The portion is huge and fairly priced at under $13. 

Big City Coffee, Linen District
Big City Coffee, Linen District

Boise’s pretty lucky that we have both delicious cheesy options minutes from our front doors. So why not do Big City for breakfast/brunch/lunch (they close at 4) and Metlz for dinner? If you love cheese, you already know what to order at Big City, but here’s some inspiration for what to choose at Meltz. 

Stay cheesy, friends! 

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