If you have a little girl, chances are she was looking forward to going back-to-school shopping here.

While COVID-19 will likely impact exactly what you're buying during back to school season this year, your kids are still growing and will likely be due for new outfits at some point in the near future. There will be one less option at Boise Towne Square Mall while you're picking out those new outfits.

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According to the USA Today, as part of Ascena Retail Group's bankruptcy the company will close half of their Justice brick and mortar locations. Boise Towne Square Mall's location appeared on the list of store closures. While we don't know the store's precise final date, Ascena indicated the going out of business sales will last 30-60 days.

The girl's clothing store was already battling declining in-store sales prior to the COVID-19 pandemic reaching America. The silver lining? If you know your daughter's Justice sizes, they plan on keeping the brand alive as an online storefront.

If you're a millennial parent thinking "this is as sad as Limited Too going away when I was a kid," your feelings are validated. Limited Too stores transitioned to the Justice brand in late 2008-early 2009.


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