This ghost story happened election day 1984. I was working my second radio job at KKAZ/Cheyenne. Now let me set the stage before I tell the story.

KKAZ and KUUY were sister stations in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The studios were in a building on the west side of town across the railroad tracks. The building was originally the Pest House/Orphanage for Laramie County. Until somewhere around the 1940's, Pest Houses were where the government would send people who had contagious diseases such as Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Cholera, Smallpox Typhus, so you had that going along with the county orphanage. Nice combination huh.

It was built on a slight hill with the main offices consisting of a double wide mobile home attached to the original building by a long hall.  The offices were in the mobile home, while the kitchen, productions studios, broadcast studios and the basement were in the original building.  The studios were in the back of the original house. My studio had a picture window that looked out over the prairie, (nothing much else to look at in Cheyenne) and the AM studios had a picture window that looked out into the hall.

The hall made a big, square path all around the building, from the studios to the main room, to the production/offices, into the kitchen and then back around to the news studio, restroom and broadcast studio. The hall ran through the middle with rooms on the outside and inside. It was creepy.

It was 1994 and the place was buzzing since it was a presidential election, especially since we were where people went to get news.  There wasn't any internet and cable TV in Cheyenne was limited, so people were finding out what was happening from us.

About 10:30, I needed a drink so I went to the kitchen. For the most part we really hated leaving the studios because the building had that 'you're gonna' get killed by a slasher feeling.'  To get to the kitchen, I had to go out the studios, make a left turn down the hall, make a right turn, go through the main rooms, take another right down another long hall past all the offices and production rooms to the kitchen.

Now when you entered the kitchen, you could see everything, so there was no way anyone could sneak up on you.  So I walked into the kitchen, went to my left to the sink and poured myself a cup of water.  As I was standing at the sink with my back to the room, I felt a tap on my back. I knew when I had entered the kitchen that there wasn't anybody there, so the the fight or flight thing was pretty well  going through my system before I even turned to see what was poking me.

Hoping I was getting pranked, I turned around so see a little girl, kind of transparent and kind of not. She was dressed in an old fashioned dress, leggings and black boots that tied and went up just over her ankles. She had a smock type of thing covering the top of her dress and a bow in her hair.  To this day her image is burned into my brain.

Getty Images/DeAgostini

I looked at her and she said, "Hi, who are you?" I then made a land speed record while carrying a cup of water and not spilling a drop, back to the studios. I didn't say a word about the ghost to anybody for at least three weeks, and I didn't go to the kitchen for the next year. It was only after I heard the cleaning lady, Linda, talk about seeing the little girl again that I spoke up.

I had Linda describe what she saw and she described the girl to a T. We never found out who the girl was and the building was torn down about 20 years ago. They just bulldozed the place,so someday if anyone builds on that land, they just might literally dig something up. Election night 1984 was more to me than Ronald Regan getting re-elected, it was the night I had the first encounter with a ghost that I can remember.

Coming up, part two of this story.

Kevin Mee