If you didn't read "Another Ghost Story" you may not get the fun of this one.

This happened about six weeks after I had seen the ghost girl.  By that time other people had started telling tales of seeing her.  I worked nights on the FM and Fred Imus, yes the brother of Don Imus, worked nights on the AM.  Fred was obsessed with seeing the ghost girl, it was something he wanted more than anything.

One night he had his best friend "Cindy" in town. Cindy was a  pretty girl about mid twenties, short blonde hair and Fred had the biggest crush on her. Fred and I had also become good friends since we worked nights right across from each other. We loved to prank each other big time and the story below is one of my best ever pranks.

Now according to the stories running around the building, the ghost girl was seen in two places, the kitchen and what was the original visiting room for the orphanage. The Visiting room sat Catty, Carter, Kitty (all three are acceptable according to dictionary.com) corner from the studios. So to get to the kitchen, you had to go down the hall from the studios, turn right and go through the two big rooms, the far one being the old visiting room, make another right down a long hall to the kitchen.

Fred needed some more coffee, so he left things in Cindy's hands. Back in those days country songs were about two minutes long and everything was live, so there was no time for breaks.  Right after Fred left the studio, I went over and put on the longest song they had, then took Cindy around the corner to the old visiting room.

I had Cindy take a seat in the sitting room, just opposite from where I was.  I told her to have a kind of "come hither" look. As she sat there, I waited close up to the wall right where Fred would have to turn to go back to the studios. I grabbed a chair and sat down hoping he would be paying attention to Cindy and not notice there was someone there.

I had the chair so I was sitting sideways to the wall, facing the opening to the hall, right next to the entryway frame.  Sure enough, as Fred came down the hall, he saw Cindy and couldn't take his eyes off her. As he got to the entryway and started to turn the corner to go to the studio, sitting in the chair, leaning forward, I was about waist high, about the right height for the Ghost Girl. As Fred Looked my way, I said, in a child's voice, "Hi, Who are you?"

It was the first time I'd ever seen a person levitate...against a doorway...with a full cup of coffee...and not spill a drop.  The whole time he was floating all he could say was "oh s##t, oh s##t."  For the next 20 minutes Cindy ran music for him.  We all laughed so hard we were crying once Fred's heart stopped racing.

I don't know if Fred ever saw the ghost girl, but that night he got the fright of his life.

Kevin Mee