Next time we're shopping on Amazon, we can add something to the cart that ships straight to Boise's homeless shelter.  Here's how it works.

With the cold and snowy winter we've had, we've been extra grateful for cozy fires and warm beds, right?  The fleece-lined slippers and hot coffee cannot happen fast enough some days.  But not everyone in the Treasure Valley has been pampered enough to have those this winter.

The Interfaith Sanctuary has been plenty busy keeping up with the demand for shelter.  They can help as many as 164 people every night, which is awesome, but as you can imagine, they run out of things like coffee and creamer and Kleenex and Tide pretty quickly.

Through Amazon, the Interfaith Sanctuary has a Wish List with items that they need, and when we add those items to our carts they will ship directly to the Interfaith Sanctuary.  You can see the Wish List HERE. It includes hot drinks, a coffee maker, and some clothes hangers.  Things we take for granted sometimes.

They could use help feeding 164 people a night too, and they've got the option to Adopt a Night, where groups can make protein-rich meals and donate those to the shelter.

Hundreds of people in Boise are glad we're talking about these things, and you are awesome for giving these neighbors a hand.

I wonder if the Sanctuary could use some leftover wings from the Super Bowl party...

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