The Forgotten Victims Of Boise's Poor Air Quality
There is no doubt that the wildfires in California, Oregon, Washington, and other parts of Idaho have taken their toll on the Treasure Valley. You can't look out the window or set foot outside without being reminded of the acres of wilderness being burned up...
Homless Work Program Grows
You might remember back in March, we told you about a program that the City of Boise was starting to help put the homeless to work. It's worked so well that it's growing.
New Housing for Homeless
The conversation of how best to help our homeless population get back on their feet has had many different ideas. One that's moving forward in a new development in Boise.
Rhodes Park Seeing Homeless
Over the last year, the City of Boise closed down the homeless encampment under the Connector (and next to the Interfaith Sanctuary). Now, some are returning to the area.
Boise Teen Creates a New Recipe to Help the Homeless
A Boise teen has come up with a new recipe involving chicken and cheese that sounds pretty awesome, and she did it to help our homeless population. It makes a batch big enough to serve a huge crowd, so you may want to try it too at your next big event too.

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