It is every person's worst fear. A fire could take your life, whether you live in a house, apartment, trailer, or hotel. In Idaho, we have several fire seasons. In the winter, we use our heaters and fireplaces to cause accidents. In the summer, the weather is so dry that wildfires can start in the woods or neighborhoods.

Nampa Home Damaged By Fire

A look at how a fast-acting fire destroyed a kitchen in a Nampa home.

Sadly a Nampa family is homeless due to a fire accident in their kitchen Friday night. The folks were cooking using an air fryer that was turned off, and suddenly the house was on the kitchen was on fire. Thankfully, parents, kids, and pets made it out alive.

How it Happened

Homeowner Sarah Tolman took to Facebook to explain how the fire started and the impact on her family.  "If you could keep our family in your thoughts we would appreciate it. We are in shock and trying to process. Just barely over 2 weeks in our new house and our air fryer caught fire."

She continued to explain how her husband did his very best to put out the fire. "Daniel did his best to control it and a neighbor gave us his only fire extinguisher which was a small camping one to try and put it out. Daniel got the kids and the dogs out safe. We’re trying to navigate this to the best of our ability, but just glad everyone is safe and we have supportive family close to help take care of us and give us a place to stay."

A Father's Reaction

Her Dad, Glen, shared his reaction on both Facebook and Twitter.  "My daughter and her husband had a kitchen fire in their house yesterday. They left with pretty much the clothes on their backs. The house and all its contents were fire/smoke damaged. The house was insured."

He continues by explaining what happens once your home is damaged by a fire.  "The restoration company will come on Monday. At this time it is unknown what can be salvaged and how long the cleaning process will take. Her sister started a go fund me for them to help with the immediate need for clothes, diapers, and a few toys. Also, this would be used to help cover the insurance deductible. For the time being, they are staying at my house."

How You Can Help

The family has set up a Go Fund Me Page.  We have the link here if you'd like to help this Nampa family out of this tough situation. Thank you for your help.

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