Everyone in Boise has access to dignified housing, right?  Not exactly.  But the City of Boise is doing something to tackle the homeless issue, and you've got a chance to be part of it.

It sure feels like the first of the month rolls around an awful lot, and you're paying the rent or mortgage AGAIN.

Having a roof overhead creates a big fat bill every month, and it's not always easy to pay even if you are blessed with a job.  When ends don't meet, well, some of our Boise neighbors are left out on the streets holding signs and asking anyone that passes by for a little help.

The City of Boise says on its website that "ending homelessness is an achievable goal."  The City has a public-private partnership that they're calling "Our Path Home," and community conversations are part of it.  At roundtables like the one next week, you have the chance to grab more info about the current homeless situation and add thoughts and ideas about the best moves to make to help solve the problem.

At next week's virtual roundtable, Mayor Lauren McLean, Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee, and homelessness experts are planning to share some insight, and then they'll have topic-specific breakout sessions.

Breakout sessions to choose from:

A Coordinated Approach to Homelessness

Keeping People Housed: Preventing Homelessness

The Role of Emergency Shelters

Prioritizing Community Health and Safety

Campaign to End Family Homelessness

When you register for the virtual event you'll be able to pick one breakout session that you're interested in.  The roundtable will happen Wednesday, April 14th from 9:30 AM – 11:30 PM.

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