Fried chicken and donuts in downtown Boise... and we're talking til 3 o'clock in the morning.  Hey mama, I'm there.

Donut Daze is hitting downtown Boise and the last thing they're thinking about is your New Year's Resolution to lose weight.  This is a place where those who want to just let go and eat what they want when they want go.

Donut Daze offers fried chicken and donuts 24 hours so when you have that craving at 3 a.m. there's always a place you can call home.  Now if you're into eating healthy there's always the coleslaw option with the fried chicken.  Ha!

There was a nail salon at 160 North 8th Street in downtown Boise but that's now going to be home to my new favorite restaurant.  Donut Daze will be feeding our face from here on out and Donut Daze is not hiding the fact that there food isn't the healthiest of choices out there.  This is a place where the guilty eaters don't have to feel guilty and satisfying your hunger is a reality.

Donut Daze owner Russ Crawford says...

We will be serving standard Southern fried chicken and also Nashville hot chicken.  Side orders available with the chicken will be coleslaw, fries and waffles. Also, we will serve cake donuts, devil’s food donuts, buttermilk donuts, old-fashioned donuts and French crullers all day.”

You can also get your coffe, beer and wine at Donut Daze too.  This is a one stop shop baby.  Where have you been all my life Donut Daze??

According to the Idaho Statesman the idea for Donut Daze came from a popular Philadelphia restaurant called Federal Donuts which is a little different because Donut Daze will cater to what people here in Boise like.

Donuts will be made twice a day and fried chicken goes on sale at 11 a.m.  Donut Daze will remain open seven days a week until 3 a.m. on most days and open til midnight on Sundays through Tuesdays.  They'll open up again at 7 a.m.  Eventually Donut Daze would like to run 24 hours a day.

The grand opening should happen sometime in March.  We'll keep you posted.


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