barbie and ken

When you played with your barbies, did you ever wish you could stretch her clothes to make them fit you? I would always wish I could dress just like Barbie. I mean, sure, I couldn't walk on my toes 24/7, nor could I pull off the blue eyeshadow look but I knew I'd definitely rock a good peaches and cream dress, no problem. Those days are getting closer with the new Barbie line coming to stores. 

It's real! Mattel has teamed up with Lord & Taylor, Wildfox Couture and Forever 21 to create a Barbie-inspired collection. The pieces will be from the fifties, eighties and nineties.

The Forever 21 line will start just under $4 and go to about $30. Shopping at Lord & Taylor and Wildfox will cost you a heck of a lot more.

See the pieces in VOGUE, THE GLOSS and also on SHE FINDS.

Is this something you'd invest in? Shall we look for you next summer sporting that pink Barbie swimsuit?

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